Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Movies youtube channel

Home Movies was kind of like public access cable, but on KBDI back in the day. It showcased the creativity of Coloradoans and featured some music videos by local artists too.


  1. I am trying to find the name and artist of a very odd and creepy music video that aired on Teletunes in the very early 80's. How can I find this out with only having a visual (barely) of what was in it?

  2. To describe this video to the best of my ability...It was mostly (if not all) in black & white. There was very creepy snippets of footage along with strange music (and I think some talking.) There was a scene when there were these people dressed in devil outfits with pitchforks dancing around a fire.

  3. That sounds like one of the Residents' videos. They regularly played 4 videos from their "Commercial Album" on Teletunes/FMTV. My best guess is "The Simple Song":

    They also played "The Act of Being Polite", "Moisture", and "Perfect Love"