Saturday, February 20, 2010

KBDI's Other Music Video Shows

I remember in the 90s there being a few other music video shows on Channel 12: Rhythm Visions, Musiclink and Punk TV. Does anyone else?

Rhythm Visions - Rap, hip hop, R&B and soul videos. I wasn't really too down with R&B back in those days so I usually didn't watch much of Rhythm Visions. I recall seeing some cool rap videos though.

Musiclink - Hosted by Bill Amundsen? I remember there being a bunch of recent music on there but it lacked Teletunes' weird/oddball/retro feel. Plus it had a constant stream of "made possible by Twist n Shout Records" promos. AND it was on late, after Teletunes, so I usually went to bed.

Punk TV - What it sounds like, 1990s era punk videos with some Ska thrown in. I remember watching Unsane's painful "Scrape" video (it was entirely made out of biffs from skate videos) on there.

I'm sure there were others, but my memory is pretty hazy. I remember Channel 12 showing random music videos during membership drives back in the day too. Like a 30 minute special of Enya music videos.


  1. What about FM TV???
    How come no one remembers that?
    It was where I originally saw The Residents and Renaldo and the Loaf!

  2. Both Teletunes and Rhythm Visions had a huge impact on me as a youth. I was exposed to some AMAZING music because of these great programs, and both shows fostered my curiosity in urban and distant cultures.

  3. I remember both the Teletunes and FMtv! (big smile) My sister and I still sing some of the songs from those sometimes offbeat songs from different cultures and some underground groups. Yes before there was an MTV. lc

  4. Music Link was presented by a load of different people over the years, it wasn't on KBDI but on KUBD a UHF station. It was produced by Mike Drumm who originally indirectly started Teletunes.

    I worked for Teletunes and later Music Link as a production assistant. Teletunes had much better music, even though I did the video selection for Music Link - we had certain labels we had to take into consideration and the bent was 90% new music.

  5. I was actually the host of Punk TV and a few episodes of Music Link when I was a teen. I've been trying to find old episodes on line for years, and haven't been able to find any.